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GrimWolf Reveal Title + Tracklist of Next Release

Per the update on their own site, the next release from California werewolf metallers GrimWolf will be an EP titled Order of the Lycan. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Van Helsing
  2. Death Anthem
  3. Berserker
  4. Skinwalker
  5. Ripped in Two
  6. Respite

This announcement comes right on the heels of the notice that long-time rhythm guitarist Ehren Behringer has left the band, the second member to do so since the release of the debut full-length album Lycanthrope in 2011. GrimWolf has stated that in the meantime they will still be on the road and moving forward with the EP recording as a three-piece band, but they are looking into opening auditions for a new rhythm guitarist very soon. See the GrimWolf “Full Moon Update” below for more details:

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“The Order: 1886” Designers Talk Lycans and Half-Breeds

“We’re at war all the time today. After thousands of years, we still go to war… What if war wasn’t against one society against another, one religion against another, one people against another? What if we segmented the race that we are and formed something that is partly us, but not really like us? The half-breeds were formed out of that.”

The Order: 1886 was announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with the suspenseful gameplay trailer of the protagonist being stalked and attacked by a werewolf in a dark hallway. Now the studios in charge of the game development have come out with a new video from the designers to discuss the design and creation of the game’s enemies, lycans and half-breeds.

The game is set for release in February of 2015, and will only be available for the PlayStation 4. It is currently available for preorder at the following locations:

Interview: The Violin Monster

The Midwest, as werewolf enthusiasts will tell you, has always been lousy with werewolves. Michigan has its Dogman, Wisconsin has the Beast of Bray Road, and Ann Arbor, a city in Michigan, has its own werewolf musician.

He is the Violin Monster. He plays the violin.

The Violin Monster has become a much-loved part of Ann Arbor, and he can often be seen wandering the streets of Ann Arbor, playing a cheerful Irish tune on his violin amidst howls. He has been featured in local art guides, on radio, and occasionally on television. He’s become something of a fixture. Lately, though, he has been traveling more often, and I finally (despite some minor technology issues on both sides) managed to catch up with him briefly to talk to him about his life and how he came to become the Violin Monster as we know him today. (more…)

Friday the 13th Full Moon

It’s pretty rare (to my knowledge) to have the unluckiest day of the year be made even more unlucky with the presence of werewolves, so I thought we’d celebrate the occasion with a roundup of some cool unlucky Jason werewolves. Grab some horseshoes and silver bullets.

Anthro Jason Colorized by chezarawolf

Jason the Wolf Man by AntManTheMagnif

Jason by gyerfry-the-wolf

And don’t forget that it’s still #DrawAWerewolfDay today. Let’s see some more machete-wielding maniac werewolves before the day is out!

Powerwolf’s “The History of Heresy” Part I Drops Today

The History of Heresy I (2004-2008)

German/Romanian power metal band Powerwolf have released the first of a two-part anniversary boxset in celebration of their 10th anniversary today. The first half of this boxset covers the years from 2004-2008, and includes the first two albums Return in Bloodred and Lupus Dei (both with bonus tracks), a live DVD titled The Wacken Worship, and a 104-page hardcover book called The History of Heresy containing liner notes, retrospects, tour and studio reports written by the band, and many previously-unreleased pictures.

Full CD/DVD track listing is under the cut. (more…)

This Day in Werewolf History: “Werewolf of London” Release Anniversary

Henry Hull as the eponymous werewolf

Henry Hull as the eponymous werewolf

Universal Studios’ first attempt at a werewolf film, Werewolf of London, celebrates its 79th birthday today, having been first debuted on May 13, 1935. Many people online incorrectly call Werewolf of London the earliest werewolf film made, and while it is certainly one of the older ones, there are several films that predate it. That being said, Werewolf of London is still unique in its werewolf design, though, as it is the first werewolf movie to make use of a bipedal werewolf rather than a trained dog or wolf.

The star of this film is the lesser-known Henry Hull, with makeup done by the famous Jack Pierce. Pierce’s original design was rejected by Hull, who insisted on a less hairy, more stylized design. Pierce then created the sinister, devilish werewolf design for Hull instead. This wound up being to Hull’s discredit, though; Pierce did have the chance to reuse his original werewolf design six years later on Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man—ultimately it is that design that is remembered instead.

Unlike its successor, almost none of the mythology of Werewolf of London remained in werewolf dogma in later films. Only two parts, in fact, wound up finding their way into later werewolf cinema: the werewolf transforming during the full moon, and the werewolf’s tendency to kill “the thing it loves best.”

Despite its relatively lesser fame, as both the first film featuring a bipedal werewolf and the earliest surviving werewolf film distributed by Universal Studios it holds a particular place in werewolf film history. Kick back and give Werewolf of London a watch today in honor of this nearly 80-year-old film.

This Day in Werewolf History: Astounding Wolf-Man and Jack Pierce Share A Birthday

The Astounding Wolf-Man

The werewolf superhero comic The Astounding Wolf-Man—from Image Comics—turns 7 today at the anniversary of its first issue publication as a 2007 Free Comic Book Day exclusive. (Not a bad way to garner interest in a new series!) The Astounding Wolf-Man ran from 2007 to its conclusion in 2010, and was created by author Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and artist Jason Howard (Super Dinosaur). While not a typical werewolf story—the comic follows a plotline much closer to superhero comics rather than horror—it still remains one of the most widely-recognized and widely-distributed modern werewolf comics published.


Jack Pierce with Lon Chaney, Jr.Sharing a birthday with this comic is makeup artist Jack Pierce, known for designing the makeup for a wolf man of his own. Pierce would be turning 125 this year. Pierce was a renowned makeup artist of his time, known best for his work in the Universal Studios monster makeup design. For the purposes of this blog, he is notable for his makeup effects and work in the films Werewolf of London, The Wolf Man, She-Wolf of London, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, House of Dracula, and House of Frankenstein. Pierce’s work helped to inspire other makeup artists such as Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London, The Wolfman) and Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow).

ICYMI: Three Opportunities to Ruin Yourself Financially

If you’re following Lycanthropology 101 on Twitter (@lycans101) (#SelfPromo) you’ve already noticed my moaning about my lack of funds to properly ruin my finances with because there are three separate werewolf crowdfunding video projects going on this month and I can’t afford any of them.

So I’m going to make all of you bemoan your own finances with me.


WolfCop Universe Expansion

If you’ve been a werewolf fan since 2013 you have undoubtedly heard the buzz surrounding the Canadian Cinecoup winning horror-comedy film WolfCop. (In fact, many of you also recall running around doing all the Cinecoup tasks in order to rack up as many votes as possible to shove at WolfCop.)

Well, the film is set to drop in two months—and now the filmmakers are looking to expand the franchise with your help.

First on the agenda is the 7.5″ tall WolfCop action figure.

I want four.

For $70 you can get one of these guys for your own: a 7.5″ vinyl action figure with 16 points points of articulation and a removable gun accessory. Or, for the die-hard collector, for $200 you can get one of the only 100 collector’s edition figures, with a pewter gun, electric plated gold badge, and signed by the artist.

Other franchise expansions available for preorder are the first volume of the WolfCop graphic novel, DVDs and Blu-Rays, posters, shirts, collector’s cards, and even a personal WolfCop SFX transformation by the makeup artist, professional photoshoot included—if you’ve got an extra $10,000 handy. (Be warned—you’ll probably have to fight Werewolf News’ own Andrew Quinton for that last one.)

The campaign is 86% funded as of my writing this, and has been up about a week, so I think we’re pretty positive that WolfCop’s expansions are a done deal.

Check it out here! (more…)

Delightfully Werewolfy Compilation from Graveyard Calling

If you’re a fan of werewolves, it’s probably a safe bet that you’re pretty into run-of-the-mill wolves as well. In that case, cassette/digital record company Graveyard Calling has a treat for you: Of Wolven Breed, a werewolfy compilation from the artists on the Graveyard Calling signed artists.

Of Wolven Breed

Look at that handsome wolfman.

The compilation will be available from the official Graveyard Calling website for only £2.50, a bargain for 22 tracks.

And those who like wolves will be pleased to hear the kicker: all proceeds from the sale are going to the International Wolf Center, which helps to raise awareness about wolves. It raises awarewolves.

The release will be 76 minutes long, and will feature an all-new exclusive track from our friend in Werewolves in Siberia.

The full track list, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, is below the cut. (more…)

Seven Songs to Gently Nibble People to

My last “soundtrack” post was filled primarily with hard rock/metal, and I realize this. Those are usually the genres that I stick with, so by default, those are most of the types of songs I have in my playlists. But by no means are those the only songs I indulge myself in.

After all, you don’t always want to stick your snout into someone’s ribcage and gnaw on their internal organs while they scream. Sometimes you just want to dine on a quiet meal of long pig with some potatoes on the side.

Maybe with a nice merlot or something.

I digress. Here is the Lycanthropology 101 list of songs to gently nibble people to.

1. Werewolf—Tyler Lyle

Found by accident, actually, while flicking through werewolf-related songs on Bandcamp. After browsing the lyrics, I was expecting something a little more punk rock than what I actually got, but somehow it managed to work anyway.

And some days I am a mother fucking werewolf
I am a cannibal that eats himself alive
So if you see me tonight on the floor or the ceiling
It depends how I’m feeling, maybe you’ll take me home
and I’ll climb your mountains and build a castle around it
But bring your silver bullets just in case