WolfCop Crowdfunding 2: Electric Boogaloo*

If you have heard anything about werewolves in the past 12 months, you’ve heard about WolfCop, the runaway crowdsourced comedy horror featuring functioning alcoholic Lou Garou in the title role. It’s the premiere 80s werewolf flick written and released in the 2010s, and it’s resulted in DVD/Bluray releases, soundtrack on CD and vinyl and cassette, a comic series, and even a run of action figures.

The news broke a little over a year ago that CineCoup was planning to produce a WolfCop sequel, and as of now, you can start pitching in to help fundraise the next installment of the series, WolfCop 2!

As of my writing this, the WolfCop 2 Indiegogo campaign still has 33 days left to go, and has already raised over 10% of their projected goal of $30,000 CAD. All contributors will receive the ability to give casting suggestions for the sequel, starting with the lowest reward tier of $3.

Other lower-tier rewards include unreleased music tracks from the film, digital download of the Bluray special features, and three different shirts (including a WolfCop 2: Electric Loogaroo* shirt).

If you’re not a college student like me and have way more disposable income to throw at crowdfunding sites (and boy do I envy you!) you also have the option of getting your name written somewhere in Woodhaven, non-speaking cameo roles (also available with SFX and/or with a VIP lunch on set), an authentic WolfCop uniform (likely shredded and bloodied and sweated all over), a killed-on-camera role, and a killed-on-camera-by-WolfCop role. There was also a tier for WolfCop’s mid-transformation arm prosthetics, but that’s already been snatched up.

Sound like your kind of film? Of course it does. Hit the link below to help breed the WolfCop WolfPack!

(*Note: I wrote this title before reading the rewards list and didn’t know about the shirt. A good joke never dies, apparently.)

ICYMI: Three Opportunities to Ruin Yourself Financially

If you’re following Lycanthropology 101 on Twitter (@lycans101) (#SelfPromo) you’ve already noticed my moaning about my lack of funds to properly ruin my finances with because there are three separate werewolf crowdfunding video projects going on this month and I can’t afford any of them.

So I’m going to make all of you bemoan your own finances with me.


WolfCop Universe Expansion

If you’ve been a werewolf fan since 2013 you have undoubtedly heard the buzz surrounding the Canadian Cinecoup winning horror-comedy film WolfCop. (In fact, many of you also recall running around doing all the Cinecoup tasks in order to rack up as many votes as possible to shove at WolfCop.)

Well, the film is set to drop in two months—and now the filmmakers are looking to expand the franchise with your help.

First on the agenda is the 7.5″ tall WolfCop action figure.

I want four.

For $70 you can get one of these guys for your own: a 7.5″ vinyl action figure with 16 points points of articulation and a removable gun accessory. Or, for the die-hard collector, for $200 you can get one of the only 100 collector’s edition figures, with a pewter gun, electric plated gold badge, and signed by the artist.

Other franchise expansions available for preorder are the first volume of the WolfCop graphic novel, DVDs and Blu-Rays, posters, shirts, collector’s cards, and even a personal WolfCop SFX transformation by the makeup artist, professional photoshoot included—if you’ve got an extra $10,000 handy. (Be warned—you’ll probably have to fight Werewolf News’ own Andrew Quinton for that last one.)

The campaign is 86% funded as of my writing this, and has been up about a week, so I think we’re pretty positive that WolfCop’s expansions are a done deal.

Check it out here! (more…)

Insert “Time of the Month” Joke Here

Let’s not kid ourselves. Werewolves unfortunately do lend themselves to “time of the month” jokes, whether we like it or not.

This took less than thirty seconds to find on google.

See? This took less than thirty seconds to find on Google.

Usually the jokes about women/werewolves/”that time of the month” get on my nerves to no end, but I’m willing to accept the joke just for this post. Because yes, as just about anyone with a uterus can tell you, “monthlies” are filled with stress, rage, feral hunger, and  way more blood than anyone realistically needs to deal with for an extended period of time.

But again, for the sake of this Kickstarter, I’m willing to let it go. Because for once, it actually fits.

Introducing Period Panties, the “fun underwear that high-fives you for being a woman and serves as a warning to others.” (more…)