Insert “Time of the Month” Joke Here

Let’s not kid ourselves. Werewolves unfortunately do lend themselves to “time of the month” jokes, whether we like it or not.

This took less than thirty seconds to find on google.

See? This took less than thirty seconds to find on Google.

Usually the jokes about women/werewolves/”that time of the month” get on my nerves to no end, but I’m willing to accept the joke just for this post. Because yes, as just about anyone with a uterus can tell you, “monthlies” are filled with stress, rage, feral hunger, and  way more blood than anyone realistically needs to deal with for an extended period of time.

But again, for the sake of this Kickstarter, I’m willing to let it go. Because for once, it actually fits.

Introducing Period Panties, the “fun underwear that high-fives you for being a woman and serves as a warning to others.” A crowdfunded line of underwear intended to deal with the gift of womanhood, while also looking really cool and featuring a variety of action/horror movie character references, from Dawn of the Red to Rainbo: First Blood.

And yes, a werewolf as well:



Other designs include Captain Redbeard, Cunt Dracula, and Shark Week. What person suffering from monthly hell wouldn’t want to have fun with it by covering your agonizing internal organs with characters that look as mean as you feel?

The answer is “not very many,” apparently, as the Harebrained, Inc. project has already earned ten times its goal with 25 more days to go. If you or someone you love suffers from uterus ownership, you should definitely send them to this kickstarter to pick up a few pairs of mean undies just for their monthly hell week.

Check it out here!

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