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Movie Review Policy

Lycanthropology 101 only reviews movies having to do with werewolves, lycanthropy, or other types of werecreature. This means that the shapeshifter in question should be at the forefront of the film, and not restricted solely to a minor character.

Reviews will be posted on the Lycanthropology 101 site, IMDb (if applicable), and Amazon, as well as being publicized on Twitter and Facebook. They will include a film synopsis, the review, the rating, the cover art, and links to purchase or view, as well as a link to the filmmaker’s site (if applicable). All reviews will be honest reviews from the admin at Lycanthropology 101; we reserve the right to post negative reviews if the material calls for it.

If the film is an upcoming film, Lycanthropology 101 will try its best to watch and review the film before the publication date. The admin will inform the requestor if unable to meet this deadline.

If the film is already released, the review will be posted at the admin’s convenience.

Due to an unfortunately broken DVD player and computer disk drive (yes, at the same time), film submissions can be accepted in digital files only. If you have it posted to YouTube or Vimeo as an unlisted format, this will work just fine as well.

If you have any questions about this review policy, feel free to contact the admin directly at

By submitting a review request, you agree to the policy as written.

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