This Day in Werewolf History: Astounding Wolf-Man and Jack Pierce Share A Birthday

The Astounding Wolf-Man

The werewolf superhero comic The Astounding Wolf-Man—from Image Comics—turns 7 today at the anniversary of its first issue publication as a 2007 Free Comic Book Day exclusive. (Not a bad way to garner interest in a new series!) The Astounding Wolf-Man ran from 2007 to its conclusion in 2010, and was created by author Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) and artist Jason Howard (Super Dinosaur). While not a typical werewolf story—the comic follows a plotline much closer to superhero comics rather than horror—it still remains one of the most widely-recognized and widely-distributed modern werewolf comics published.


Jack Pierce with Lon Chaney, Jr.Sharing a birthday with this comic is makeup artist Jack Pierce, known for designing the makeup for a wolf man of his own. Pierce would be turning 125 this year. Pierce was a renowned makeup artist of his time, known best for his work in the Universal Studios monster makeup design. For the purposes of this blog, he is notable for his makeup effects and work in the films Werewolf of London, The Wolf Man, She-Wolf of London, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man, House of Dracula, and House of Frankenstein. Pierce’s work helped to inspire other makeup artists such as Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London, The Wolfman) and Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow).

This Day in Werewolf History: Werewolf by Night First Published in 1972

Marvel Spotlight on... Werewolf by Night

Marvel’s comic Werewolf by Night turns 42 today as we reach the anniversary of its first publication in Marvel Spotlight #2. The Werewolf (or rather, Jack Russell) was actively featured in publications from 1972-1977, but went dormant for many years before being revived in the early 90s. He has most recently appeared in Marvel Zombies 4, which ran for four issues from June to September 2009.

Swing by your local comics store to see if you can find The Werewolf hidden away in the archives!