Friday the 13th Full Moon

It’s pretty rare (to my knowledge) to have the unluckiest day of the year be made even more unlucky with the presence of werewolves, so I thought we’d celebrate the occasion with a roundup of some cool unlucky Jason werewolves. Grab some horseshoes and silver bullets.

Anthro Jason Colorized by chezarawolf

Jason the Wolf Man by AntManTheMagnif

Jason by gyerfry-the-wolf

And don’t forget that it’s still #DrawAWerewolfDay today. Let’s see some more machete-wielding maniac werewolves before the day is out!

Highlights from #DrawAWerewolfDay (February 2014)

#DrawAWerewolfDay takes place every full moon. The task is simple: draw a werewolf and tag it with the hashtag! Here are some highlights from this month’s celebration.

For more artwork, check out the hashtag on twitter, either tag on tumblr, or the tumblog run by the folks from @werewolfnews.

The next #DrawAWerewolfDay is March 16.

Be ready!