Delightfully Werewolfy Compilation from Graveyard Calling

If you’re a fan of werewolves, it’s probably a safe bet that you’re pretty into run-of-the-mill wolves as well. In that case, cassette/digital record company Graveyard Calling has a treat for you: Of Wolven Breed, a werewolfy compilation from the artists on the Graveyard Calling signed artists.

Of Wolven Breed

Look at that handsome wolfman.

The compilation will be available from the official Graveyard Calling website for only £2.50, a bargain for 22 tracks.

And those who like wolves will be pleased to hear the kicker: all proceeds from the sale are going to the International Wolf Center, which helps to raise awareness about wolves. It raises awarewolves.

The release will be 76 minutes long, and will feature an all-new exclusive track from our friend in Werewolves in Siberia.

The full track list, courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, is below the cut.

  1. Darrow Chemical Company – Full Moon Rising (3:02)
  2. Sawtooth – For the Taste of Flesh (3:22)
  3. Governor Grimm and the Ghastly Ghouls – My Neighbor is a Werewolf (3:02)
  4. Project Slime – Symphony of the Beast (3:21)
  5. Tommy Creep – Lycanthropus (4:43)
  6. Cavaverman – Werewolves (3:41)
  7. Morbid3k – The Werewolf of Waverley Road (3:33)
  8. Werewolves In Siberia – Stalk and Devour (2:50)
  9. Rictus Grim – Shapeshifter (4:19)
  10. Mr. Hell – Sonata for a Werewolf (3:24)
  11. 1mpulsive – Dancing with Werewolves (feat. Hannibal Bateman) (3:35)
  12. Murkbox – Mark of the Werewolf (3:19)
  13. Megalixer – A Tale of Blue Moons (3:11)
  14. The Bloodstrings – Howl to the Moon (3:29)
  15. Tekaaa.Y – Hunt Is On (feat. Blue Reverend) (4:17)
  16. Demoni – Full Moon Surf (3:47)
  17. Vespar – Wolfenkill (3:14)
  18. Ghoulshow – The Daughter of a Werewolf (3:31)
  19. Bad Whoremoans – Transformation (3:09)
  20. Sam Haynes – Bad Moon (3:11)
  21. Dr. Hell – Carl the Metrosexual Werewolf (3:40)
  22. Aikys – Dying Beast (3:34)

The album will be dropping tomorrow from the Graveyard Calling website. GET ON THIS.

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