Powerwolf Announces New Album

German power metal and werewolf enthusiast band Powerwolf made the announcement today that for the past six months, the band has secretly been writing new material for their followup to 2013’s Preachers of the Night. They plan to hit the studio in early January and work through March, with an expected release in summer of 2015.

Regarding the sound of the new album, Powerwolf has the following to say:

So, what can you expect? Without revealing too much at this early stage, you can expect an album that’s 100% uncompromising POWERWOLF-stuff.
There’s songs to go wild to, there’s epic and atmospheric stuff – and a lot of wolfish metal madness in between – and quite a bunch of songs that will be must-plays on any future POWERWOLF liveshow for damn sure. We can’t wait to get this album shaped! We’ll keep you posted!

For further updates, be sure to follow Powerwolf on Facebook or keep an eye on the news section of the band’s website.

Powerwolf’s “The History of Heresy” Part I Drops Today

The History of Heresy I (2004-2008)

German/Romanian power metal band Powerwolf have released the first of a two-part anniversary boxset in celebration of their 10th anniversary today. The first half of this boxset covers the years from 2004-2008, and includes the first two albums Return in Bloodred and Lupus Dei (both with bonus tracks), a live DVD titled The Wacken Worship, and a 104-page hardcover book called The History of Heresy containing liner notes, retrospects, tour and studio reports written by the band, and many previously-unreleased pictures.

Full CD/DVD track listing is under the cut. (more…)

Ten Songs to Chew on People to

I am a really big fan of music relating to werewolves. Like, a really really big fan of it. To an embarrassing degree. My iTunes werewolf playlist is over four hours long.

But I digress: to celebrate my birthday today, here is the unofficial Lycanthropology 101 list of songs to chew on people to.

1. The Animal—Disturbed

Loud and aggressive, just as any werewolf song from a metal band should be. The music video is a little bizarre but—what are ya gonna do.

Taking form in the glimmer of this tainted moonlight
Death approaches on this night
For the animal’s soul is mine
We will be completed right before your eyes
I have no control this time
And now, we both shall dine
In hell tonight