“The Order: 1886” Designers Talk Lycans and Half-Breeds

“We’re at war all the time today. After thousands of years, we still go to war… What if war wasn’t against one society against another, one religion against another, one people against another? What if we segmented the race that we are and formed something that is partly us, but not really like us? The half-breeds were formed out of that.”

The Order: 1886 was announced at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with the suspenseful gameplay trailer of the protagonist being stalked and attacked by a werewolf in a dark hallway. Now the studios in charge of the game development have come out with a new video from the designers to discuss the design and creation of the game’s enemies, lycans and half-breeds.

The game is set for release in February of 2015, and will only be available for the PlayStation 4. It is currently available for preorder at the following locations:


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