Seven Songs to Gently Nibble People to

My last “soundtrack” post was filled primarily with hard rock/metal, and I realize this. Those are usually the genres that I stick with, so by default, those are most of the types of songs I have in my playlists. But by no means are those the only songs I indulge myself in.

After all, you don’t always want to stick your snout into someone’s ribcage and gnaw on their internal organs while they scream. Sometimes you just want to dine on a quiet meal of long pig with some potatoes on the side.

Maybe with a nice merlot or something.

I digress. Here is the Lycanthropology 101 list of songs to gently nibble people to.

1. Werewolf—Tyler Lyle

Found by accident, actually, while flicking through werewolf-related songs on Bandcamp. After browsing the lyrics, I was expecting something a little more punk rock than what I actually got, but somehow it managed to work anyway.

And some days I am a mother fucking werewolf
I am a cannibal that eats himself alive
So if you see me tonight on the floor or the ceiling
It depends how I’m feeling, maybe you’ll take me home
and I’ll climb your mountains and build a castle around it
But bring your silver bullets just in case



Werewolf Metal Resurgence: Pandemonic

Those who saw my Werewolf Band Roundup in February probably remember my short, bemused paragraph on the vanished werewolf metal band Pandemonic. Well, somehow or another, the lead singer of Pandemonic, Mikael Ullenius, stumbled upon the post.

And what do you know, he unearthed a lot of old Pandemonic material.

The first was, of course, putting some songs back online. Full-length album The Authors of Nightfear and the 2002 demo Ravenous have been posted in their entirety for free download from, with an added comment from Ullenius that he’d post the 2004 demo The Art of Hunting as soon as he could find better bitrate versions of the songs.

Beyond that, he posted a pair of old videos to his YouTube channel as well: a live video of “Tower Bell,” and a video of “Changeling Eve,” as seen below:

Ullenius himself can be found on Twitter, which he appears to have joined only recently.

ICYMI: GrimWolf Enters Studio, Sockweb Drops Debut

California werewolf metallers GrimWolf have confirmed that they are entering the studio this weekend to begin recording drum tracks for a new album. This album will be the long-awaited follow-up to their 2011 debut full-length, Lycanthrope. GrimWolf have not revealed the title of their new album yet, merely hinting to keep an eye out for the next few weeks.

See the official announcement from their March 2014 full moon update here:

Check them out on Facebook here!

Father/daughter grindcore outfit Sockweb have released their debut full-length, a concept album named Werewolf. The album was funded through a successful Indiegogo campaign last year, though due to various complications was pushed back several months. But they are back now, and as of March 25, the album has finally dropped!

Buy the new album here:

Or, if you aren’t sure you want to drop $8/$15 on the full-length, check out the Bullies Are Mean EP—get a taste of four tracks from the full-length at the low price of $1!

Check Sockweb out on Facebook here!

Interview: Werewolves in Siberia

For those of you who follow my Twitter, you have probably heard that lately I’ve been enjoying the hell out of an 80s-inspired synth rock project called Werewolves in Siberia.

It’s dark, contemplative, and delightfully evocative. You can definitely hear the 80s inspiration in the music as well; if you close your eyes you can practically feel the VHS player humming in the background. Still, it has a modern touch, with a clean sound and rock/metal inspired drums. For me, it’s perfect music for things like driving and writing: when I need something to set the mood, but doesn’t have distracting lyrics either. (I like to sing, what can I say.) What’s more, the project has a new album coming soon, so I got in touch with Chris Cavoretto, the man behind it all, to talk about Werewolves in Siberia.


This Day in Werewolf History: “Nattens madrigal” Released in 1997

Nattens madrigal

Nattens madrigal – Aatte hymne til ulven i manden (that is, in English, Madrigal of the Night – Eight Hymns to the Wolf in Man) turns 17 today. On the 2009 IGN list of ten great black metal albumsNattens madrigal is often thought of as one of the defining concept albums regarding lycanthropy.

The album documents the transformation of a werewolf who, succumbing to the efforts of Satan, turns to evil, wandering the city in a feverish rage before finally murdering his lover, and waking to blood and wine on his hands.

The album’s recording is lo-fi and thus takes some getting used to for those who don’t enjoy the sound provided. It is, however, a significant album, and as such if you’ve never given it a listen (or given its lyrics a read-through), you should check out Nattens madrigal today.

Werewolf Band Roundup

While it isn’t as prevalent a genre as, say, hip hop or rock, werewolf bands—my umbrella term for bands that play either entirely or almost entirely music about werewolves—are surprisingly prevalent in the underground music scene. I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the ones that I know of.



Good luck finding anything about these guys anymore.

Pandemonic was a thrash metal band active from 1999 to 2004. They had five releases—a cassette demo, a split album, a full-length album, and two demo EPs—before eventually vanishing off the face of the earth. And the face of the internet, as well. Previously they had a website in which you could download the tracks, though the link quickly went dead and was never updated. The website itself no longer exists. For a while, it was impossible to listen to Pandemonic unless you were already fortunate enough to have the hard copies on you, as there were no sites anywhere selling them. These days, your best bet is to keep a close eye on eBay, as the full-length album The Authors of Nightfear has been known to surface there on rare occasions. As for digital music, you’ll merely have to be satisfied with the lone track posted to Youtube from Pandemonic’s final EP The Art of Hunting.

Nonetheless, the band was emphatically a werewolf metal band. If you have any doubts, Encyclopaedia Metallum has the entire discography cataloged, as well as most of the lyrics and cover artwork. (more…)

Ten Songs to Chew on People to

I am a really big fan of music relating to werewolves. Like, a really really big fan of it. To an embarrassing degree. My iTunes werewolf playlist is over four hours long.

But I digress: to celebrate my birthday today, here is the unofficial Lycanthropology 101 list of songs to chew on people to.

1. The Animal—Disturbed

Loud and aggressive, just as any werewolf song from a metal band should be. The music video is a little bizarre but—what are ya gonna do.

Taking form in the glimmer of this tainted moonlight
Death approaches on this night
For the animal’s soul is mine
We will be completed right before your eyes
I have no control this time
And now, we both shall dine
In hell tonight