This Day in Werewolf History: “Nattens madrigal” Released in 1997

Nattens madrigal

Nattens madrigal – Aatte hymne til ulven i manden (that is, in English, Madrigal of the Night – Eight Hymns to the Wolf in Man) turns 17 today. On the 2009 IGN list of ten great black metal albumsNattens madrigal is often thought of as one of the defining concept albums regarding lycanthropy.

The album documents the transformation of a werewolf who, succumbing to the efforts of Satan, turns to evil, wandering the city in a feverish rage before finally murdering his lover, and waking to blood and wine on his hands.

The album’s recording is lo-fi and thus takes some getting used to for those who don’t enjoy the sound provided. It is, however, a significant album, and as such if you’ve never given it a listen (or given its lyrics a read-through), you should check out Nattens madrigal today.

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