Werewolf Band Roundup

While it isn’t as prevalent a genre as, say, hip hop or rock, werewolf bands—my umbrella term for bands that play either entirely or almost entirely music about werewolves—are surprisingly prevalent in the underground music scene. I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the ones that I know of.



Good luck finding anything about these guys anymore.

Pandemonic was a thrash metal band active from 1999 to 2004. They had five releases—a cassette demo, a split album, a full-length album, and two demo EPs—before eventually vanishing off the face of the earth. And the face of the internet, as well. Previously they had a website in which you could download the tracks, though the link quickly went dead and was never updated. The website itself no longer exists. For a while, it was impossible to listen to Pandemonic unless you were already fortunate enough to have the hard copies on you, as there were no sites anywhere selling them. These days, your best bet is to keep a close eye on eBay, as the full-length album The Authors of Nightfear has been known to surface there on rare occasions. As for digital music, you’ll merely have to be satisfied with the lone track posted to Youtube from Pandemonic’s final EP The Art of Hunting.

Nonetheless, the band was emphatically a werewolf metal band. If you have any doubts, Encyclopaedia Metallum has the entire discography cataloged, as well as most of the lyrics and cover artwork.



Pure american werewolf metal!

GrimWolf is a fairly new arrival to the scene, taking the stage in 2008 with only two releases thus far—a previously self-published print-on-demand EP and a full-length album. The debut EP was originally released on the POD site Lulu in 2009, which shut down its CD-pressing service in 2011, making hard copies of the EP something of a rarity. The digital EP, however, can still be gotten for free by merely signing up for the band’s email newsletter. The full-length album, Lycanthrope,  was released in 2011 and has spawned two music videos since then, the most recent of which was released only in 2013.

To listen or purchase GrimWolf’s music, you can visit their online store here.

Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus

Self-nominated as the cutest werewolf-themed band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Slightly older than GrimWolf, as they were formed in 2007, but with one fewer release is werewolf punk band Canis Lupus. Canis Lupus only has one EP to their name—Join The Pack—though recent updates show that a new EP (evidently titled Burn Again) is in the works. Loud, fast, and nigh-undiscernable singing, Canis Lupus is just flat-out fun.

The Join The Pack EP can be purchased through BandCamp directly from the widget above!



Still a son of a bitch.

(Potentially) an even more recent addition to werewolf music is Florida punk band Wolf-Face. While it isn’t noted anywhere when Wolf-Face was founded, their Facebook page was created in early 2011, so it is safe to say that they are the newest additions. Wolf-Face is somewhat distinct in the werewolf music umbrella genre, as they are inspired by an even more specific topic than werewolves: Teen Wolf. While to me, personally, forming a band based on a film sounds even more difficult than to form one based on a creature, Wolf-Face has managed to record and release two separate releases—an EP and a full-length LP.

Their debut, The Wolf-Face EP, is available as a free download at the above location, while their full-length album Still a Son of a Bitch can be purchased as either a digital album or a 12″ vinyl record.

Have any other werewolf-centric bands that I’ve failed to mention or don’t know about? Tell me about them in the comments section!


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