Teen Wolf

Fright Rags’ Newest Werewolf Pop Culture Crossover Tee—Limited Time

Fright Rags is best known for its wide variety of constantly-cycling horror shirt designs, constantly bringing in new designs while occasionally allowing their customers to “resurrect” designs from the out-of-print graveyard. They made the news (Werewolf News, at least) back in 2012 with their “Breaking Jacob” design, in which three classic film werewolves brutally eviscerate pretty-boy Jacob Black, of Twilight fame.

They have recently unveiled a new delightful werewolf pop culture crossover shirt design, appropriately titled “An American Teen Wolf in London,” featuring an appropriately fuzzy Michael J. Fox van-surfing atop a classic red British double-decker bus:

An American Teen Wolf in LondonThe shirt is available for pre-order right now on Fright Rags for $18 plus shipping.

The catch?

Unlike the rest of Fright Rags’ usual shirts, per their website, this is an extremely limited pre-order window, and there will be no other opportunities after today to get this shirt:

This is available for PRE-ORDER for 24 HOURS ONLY!

Once the clock strikes midnight on Sunday July 12*, it will be gone FOREVER. It will never be reprinted, and there will be no extras available for sale later. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE TO PURCHASE IT AGAIN. Don’t miss your chance!

*If you’re in the Eastern Standard time zone, this is late Saturday night.

So, if you have any interest at all in getting this tee (available in both standard and fitted shirts), you need to jump on this opportunity ASAP. This is your only warning.


Wolf-Face Releasing Split Album, Demo CD

Florida Teen Wolf punk rockers Wolf-Face are teaming up with party punk band Caffiends to bring listeners the 7″ split simply titled “Caffiends + Wolf-Face.”

Caffiends + Wolf-Face Split artwork

The album will contain two new unreleased tracks from Wolf-Face, entitled “Wolves Don’t Box They Kill” and “Death to Wolf Poseurs.”

It is available for pre-order now from Mooster Records, Anti-Authority Records, and Swamp Cabbage Records, and is $7 at each location.

However, if you preorder the album from Mooster Records, you will receive the 7″, a Koozie, and a limited-edition CD of Wolf-Face demos. If you preorder the album from Swamp Cabbage Records, you will receive a poster and a Koozie (until they ship, when the price will drop to $5 and you will only receive the 7″).

Wolf-Face Demos

The album will be available on August 8. Follow Wolf-Face and Caffiends on Facebook or on their respective Twitters.