Wolf-Face Releasing Split Album, Demo CD

Florida Teen Wolf punk rockers Wolf-Face are teaming up with party punk band Caffiends to bring listeners the 7″ split simply titled “Caffiends + Wolf-Face.”

Caffiends + Wolf-Face Split artwork

The album will contain two new unreleased tracks from Wolf-Face, entitled “Wolves Don’t Box They Kill” and “Death to Wolf Poseurs.”

It is available for pre-order now from Mooster Records, Anti-Authority Records, and Swamp Cabbage Records, and is $7 at each location.

However, if you preorder the album from Mooster Records, you will receive the 7″, a Koozie, and a limited-edition CD of Wolf-Face demos. If you preorder the album from Swamp Cabbage Records, you will receive a poster and a Koozie (until they ship, when the price will drop to $5 and you will only receive the 7″).

Wolf-Face Demos

The album will be available on August 8. Follow Wolf-Face and Caffiends on Facebook or on their respective Twitters.

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