ICYMI: GrimWolf EP Drops, Hic Dragones Offers Deal, HowlCon Resurfaces

As revealed in last month’s interview, the new GrimWolf EP Order of the Lycan dropped on digital format via the band’s new BandCamp page on October 31.

For the collecting type (and I know you’re out there, because I’m one too) the orders for the physical CD, exclusive t-shirt, patch, and button are still being offered on the band’s site. GrimWolf have also begun taking orders for a short run of cassettes for Order, and are requesting a minimum pre-order 0f 20 cassettes total before they put in the order. (If the minimum order is not met, all orders will be refunded.)

With cassette-only record companies like Graveyard Calling out there, I know you horror-music-cassette-collectors are out there. GET ON THIS.

Independent Manchester publishing company Hic Dragones has decided to do away with November in favor of something werewolves everywhere are sure to delight at. From the company’s Facebook page:

We’ve done away with November here at Hic Dragones – as far as we’re concerned it’s now Lycanthrovember! Throughout the month, all copies of Canadian author Kim Bannerman’s werewolf novel ‘The Tattooed Wolf’ will include our werewolf anthology ‘Wolf-Girls’ absolutely FREE! Arrooooooo! (Source)

The Tattooed Wolf can be purchased through the Hic Dragones website here. You can also read more about the Wolf-Girls anthology (which includes a story from my friend at Werewolf News) here.

After a successful year zero followed by an unfortunate cancellation due to insufficient pre-registrations and over a year’s worth of radio silence, the Portland-area werewolf convention HOWL Con has resurfaced once more, with little more than the following tweet to go on:

This is particularly exciting news for me, as February 7th is in fact my birthday, and I can’t picture a more entertaining way to spend my birthday than at a werewolf convention. (Even at one across the entire continental United States from me.)



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