“Asphalt She-Wolves” Episode 1 Drops

It is no secret that I am a huge huge proponent of the lady werewolf. It is also no secret that I am picky about the female werewolves that I like. (I’ll give you a hint: not the kind that crawl around on all fours and play subservient to the male werewolves. Get that outta here.) Those of you who follow my Twitter account are likely Very Aware of this, as roughly once a month I have a fit where I just have to scream about how great BAMF lady werewolves are.

So naturally, biker gang lady werewolves are very high on my list of cool werewolf things.

The webseries Asphalt She-Wolves has been on my radar for several months now, and I’ve been keeping personal tabs on their progress and milestones. And, I’m glad to report, they just hit a major one: the first episode of Asphalt She-Wolves was just posted. Check it out below:

I, for one, am very excited to see how the rest of the story will pan out, and I still really really want one of those sweet back patches to sew onto my vest.

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