Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf: The Werewolf Acid Trip Fever Dream Game You Never Asked For

I recently got more involved in my local music scene and discovered that there was a large number of avant garde noise artists in my city. I recently went to a midnight outdoor concert featuring a good friend of mine, who is one of the more notorious noise artists. During his performance, he wore only a large, disfigured mask with goggles and neon dreadlocks, a pair of shorts, and a large trenchcoat, and smeared his exposed body with stage blood. His performance consisted of a bizarre black-and-white video projected on a sheet behind him, growling and screeching into a heavily-distorted microphone, scratching and layering various records on a player (and throwing them behind him when he was done), and raking a violin bow across an electric guitar. Approximately seven people aside from myself and him were in attendance.

If my friend makes you sit back with wide eyes and furrowed brow, wondering what the hell happened for this to become a reality, then I have accurately described to you the sensation of playing the game Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf.

Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf

KDFW is a collaborative effort between several individuals from Gothenburg, Sweden, and describing it feels a little like describing a fever dream or acid trip (as the title implies) but I will try.

To complete the game, you have to play through several stages to the Fucking Werewolf Asso song “Keep My Adresse to Yourself, Cause We Need Secrets.” During the first stage, you play a man in winter gear (sans pants, for some reason) leaping onto blocks of ice up a constantly-scrolling screen in an effort to collect “energy cubes.” If you collect enough cubes before the stage ends, you then move to the second stage, in which you have to button mash to melt your clothes off and turn into a bright purple werewolf. You then chase a mob of people through a city while trying to avoid the crates they throw back at you. If you manage not to get hit by the crates, the people then start falling down as they flee, and you turn your entire body into a buzzsaw to slice them in half. After that, you have to collect the bones of your victims; run in bizarre, circling patterns to avoid being shot or blown up (while also killing the people trying to shoot you/blow you up); assemble the collected bones into some sort of gun; and then take down a large eldritch unicorn monstrosity to beat the game.

Have I lost you yet? Because it took me like an hour to figure all of the stages out enough to actually beat the game. (Maybe it would’ve taken less time if I’d stopped to read the manual.)

If bright colors, purple werewolves, and pixel platformers set to 8-bit punk rock sounds like your thing, you can download the game for free directly from the developer here. Forewarning: the Mac port doesn’t work.

If you’d prefer to witness the insanity secondhand, there are a number of “Let’s Play”s on YouTube. For your viewing pleasure, here is the most straightforward of them: