Reviewing “Blood Moon;” or, the High Moon Ripoff that Nobody Needed

Western and horror are kind of a weird pairing of genres in that there have been several different attempts at merging the two, and very rarely done particularly well.Blood Moon poster

2014/2015’s film “Blood Moon” is not one of those that is done particularly well. (more…)

Reviewing “Night Music;” or, My Continuing Infatuation with Queer Werewolves

If any of you are familiar with the person behind the blog, you are probably aware of this already. For those of you who aren’t: the person behind the blog is very into stories about werewolves in which the main character is not a white straight man. No apologies will be made for this; the blogger is very much a snob about these kinds of things, and is easily bored with reading stories about the same character with different names.

But, I digress. The point is, I’m always on the lookout for werewolf stories that break the mold that werewolf stories tend to stay in. Female werewolves? Awesome. Female werewolves that also don’t swoon about male werewolves? More awesome.

This is how I came to find out about Andronica Llewellyn, the “classy lesbian werewolf from the Eighteenth Century.” And shortly after finding out about Miss Llewellyn, I came to find out about the first volume of her memoirs, Night Music.