Reviewing “Blood Moon;” or, the High Moon Ripoff that Nobody Needed

Western and horror are kind of a weird pairing of genres in that there have been several different attempts at merging the two, and very rarely done particularly well.Blood Moon poster

2014/2015’s film “Blood Moon” is not one of those that is done particularly well.

The writers of this film appear to have taken every possible generic Western-genre stereotype, just about every creature feature genre stereotype, and crammed them all in a blender and dumped out the result onto a roll of film. It is bad. Hilariously so, though I don’t think it’s quite intentional. It takes itself entirely too seriously to be self-aware of its own humor.

So, the film itself:

  • Literally everything takes place in a saloon or in a horse-drawn carriage
  • Nobody can keep up their southern/british accents for any amount of time
  • Hamfistedly mysterious generic monster hunter character
  • Overt racism
  • Overt misogyny
  • Overt racism AND misogyny (seriously, they cast a half-Japanese, half-white actress to play a drunkard Navajo spiritualist)
  • Deus ex machina all over everything
  • Literally way more people die from Western shootouts than the werewolf
  • And the Yeti at Disney World’s Expedition Everest ride looks more realistic than this werewolf
  • Attempts to play the werewolf as a Navajo skinwalker without doing any research on skinwalker mythos, it seems like they just made shit up (see: overt racism)
  • Hamfistedly mysterious repeated line that means Absolutely Nothing
  • Some of the worst CGI transformations since American Werewolf in Paris

Final score:

1.5/5 as a serious film

5/5 as a film to laugh about with friends

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