More Werewolf Booze, for all Your Werewolf Boozing Needs

The United States midwest is full of werewolves. Wisconsin has their Bray Road Beast, Michigan has its Dogman and Violin Monster. Michigan even likes the Violin Monster that they have an autumn ale named after him! Of course, that leaves the summer months devoid of most varieties of appropriately-themed alcohol for the discerning werewolf connoisseur.

Fret not. Michigan’s got your back, again.

 Michigan Dogman Moonshine

Introducing the Michigan Dogman Moonshine, from Northern Latitudes Distillery. Really what it is is more like whiskey (though not “properly barrel-aged,” per MyNorth), but Moonshine is a way cooler name for any werewolf alcohol, anyway.

MyNorth described this Moonshine thus:

Since Northern Latitudes opened this past July in Lake Leelanau there hasn’t been time to kick out a batch of properly barrel-aged whiskey from the brand new pot still, so what the distillery offers is Dog Man (read moonshine). This subtly smoky and sweet white whiskey has raw fiery charm that can be thrown back straight or harnessed into a mean margarita. Mix two ounces of Dog Man with one ounce of Cointreau, one half-ounce of simple syrup and the juice of one lime. Shake, strain into a chilled glass and let the trouble begin.”

There have not yet been any anouncements as to when, precisely, or where you might get your hands on it, but if you’re in the area, it’s worth a trip to see when it’ll be available.

(By the way: miss me?)